Read what others imagine could happen in the World of Ryuu. Look at artwork inspired by the World of Ryuu. Submit to us, through email, your own scanned pictures and stories that are Ryuu-inspired and original (not TV- or movie-based).

  Kenny's Dragon

"Dragon" by Kenny, age 15.

Kalthzar Sumanteya

"Kalthzar, from Friend or Faux series" by Lauren, age 13

"Sumanteya, from Friend or Faux series," by Lauren, age 13

Xrupt Mason's Dragon

"Xrupt (inspired by Xplotar III)." Drawn on the computer by Noah Voscamp from Pittsburgh, PA

Mason's Dragon by Mason, age 8

Exiatar by James White River Dragon

Exiatar by James

White River Dragon by Lucas, age 7

Dividing Rod

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