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About the Ryuu Games! Show your memory skills and knowledge through the Concentration Game. Demonstrate your social skills knowledge with your counselor, teacher or parent with The Ryuu Card Challenge Game. Show your mastery of the Ryuu evolutionary stages, as well as your play-acting skills, by playing The Ryuu Card Role-Playing Game. You can even try a special website game with the Ryuu characters and watch a video.


Explore the Ryuu world and characters in the Books of Ryuu! Enjoy a world of fantasy, alone or with a professional or parent who loves fantasy too... find out how the dragons featured in the cards "evolve" as they deal with their problems... learn meanwhile how to battle some of your own problems.


The Cards. Look at the cards by yourself, or with your counselor or parent -- think about which dragon you are like. How can the dragons evolve as they learn social skills? Which invisible Forces will help them or hinder them?


Extras. Because we love our dragons and our Forces, we have made stickers, rub-on tattoos and a poster. If you have any other ideas for Extras, let us know.


Fan Fiction/Fan Art. Read what others imagine could happen in the World of Ryuu. Look at artwork inspired by the World of Ryuu. Submit your own pictures and stories. Limited time offer! Keep track of your experiences in the World of Ryuu and get a prize!

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