Ryuu World For Therapists, Teachers, and Parents

Who We Are. Ryuu Endeavors, Inc. is a company, owned and run by Joel Shaul and Rebecca Klaw, that is devoted to the creation of wondrous and compelling ways to use the dragons of Ryuu to help children and teenagers learn about social skills while having a good time.

Big Bird

Products for Sale. Ryuu - The Game™ is a non-competitive and therapeutic way of teaching social skills that utilizes an interest in fantasy, card collecting, acting and humor to make learning fun and more meaningful. The style of this product is also very "cool" and trendy and can easily be shared with friends.


Extension activities for teachers, therapists and parents. New game variations for you to try from the creators along with suggestions from other colleagues and parents.


References. Quotes from professionals and others about Ryuu World.


Events. A list of where we are going to be presenting and vending.
Next Events: September 26 (Autism Expo in Milford, Ohio) and October 10 (Autism Expo in Columbia, MD).

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